Ordinances & Resolutions

Our local ordinances and resolutions make up our local policy, or local law. Once an ordinance is adopted, it is enforced by our police department and/or the designated officer. For instance, the duties of our Rental Inspection Ordinance 1-2015 are chiefly carried out by our local Rental Inspector, Sam Ragley. If a violation occurs and matters must be escalated, the police department can help. Below are some commonly encountered ordinances with which Borough residents should make themselves familiar. This is only a sampling – these are not, by any means, all of the ordinances in effect in the Borough. It is each citizen’s duty to make him or herself aware of all local laws and policies. Ignorance of the law does not excuse us from enforcement of it, nor the penalties and punishments of breaking it.

Although it is Council’s desire to show the most recent content on this website, please be aware that as laws change from time to time, those listed below may not reflect the most recent developments.



(This adds a section to the existing Zoning Ordinance which is too large a file to attach here, but is available for reference in the Borough Office.)