Upcoming Events

Summer Paving Projects

On Mon., June 25 and Tues., June 26 Baker St. and Blue Row St. will be paved and have limited traffic access. School St. will be seal coated as well.

Keys found at W. Back St. and Monterey Rd.

*Please come to the Borough Office to claim your keys. You must be able to identify items in the set unseen.

No Dumping at the Community Brush Site

Due to some abusers using the community brush dumping site as a garbage dump, there will be no further dumping of any kind allowed.

*Get your water and sewer bill in your email and do away with paper bills!

When you register for eBill using the “Pay My Bills” tab, you can pay your bill at Northwest Bank in Rimersburg, mail in a check to the Borough office, or choose to pay it online. The only differences are that you will receive your bill in your email instead of paper, and you will have the ability to view your bill online using “View and Pay Bills.” This does not obligate you to pay online and it helps the environment by using less trees! If you have questions, please contact the Borough Office – we are happy to help. We do not share your email address or any contact information.

2017 CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) for drinking water

is available for view or download here or in the Borough office Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. – noon:


New Regional State Dog Warden

Welcome to Jason Edwards! For Dog Warden contact information, click on our “Contact Us” tab.